I met men
All in groups of ten
And each group similarly dressed then
Talking jovially
About the weather and their dresses
And even their wives
And as if this life was nothing but joy
They went into the buildings
At the entrance they were checked for weapons
And were always found to be with none
This check for weapon seem to thrill them to no end
Later to their wives they would relate
About the check point, the crucial check point.
“Dear, do I look that threatin’?”
“You no angel of god”
And other enter still other buildings
Riding the escalator or climbing the smooth stairs
And they would stare at mirrors
Chat about the sucking politicians
“God see them” was constantly heard

Aloft atopThey all seem to enter at the same point and leave at the same point
And I once asked them why they were going in circles
“Circles!” I reiterated
And they gave me blank looks
Tittered deliriously and bellowed:
“We are moving forward!”
And, who could argue with that.

The end
One girl with her putty lips
One girl with hypnotizing lips
One girl with eyes that gold drips
One girl with a figure a slender
A girl shining and glittering
And emotions like evil littering
One girl with a heart of soul
One girl with a heart meltable by a feather touch
One girl with blinking eyelids like golden bridges
One girl with sweetly shaped buttocks
One girl specially made by god
By his hand exquisitely fashioned
One girl with her pair of breast
One girl with those poisonous nipples
One girl with the witchy virginal
One such girl is all needed
To start a war and slaughter millions
So girl before you snub me
Turn down my heartfelt smile

All these bitches
All these filthy bitches
Wanna get riches
From me cuz they are just leaches
And I eat them like rotten peaches
Cuz it is the only worthy game in the street chase
But the worm will catch up with you so put more haste
So you can learn to distinguish the taste
And then its all witty, cut and paste

Beauty is staring at me Beauty is staring at me
And I wonder
I wonder
What he sees
For he seemed transfixed
He seem to cry
He seem to be shy
Beauty is staring at me

Come let’s eat this meal
Come let’s eat this meal
It might be the last
That together we eat
For look at the clouds above
The awfully dark clouds above
The letters have come
The mayor has spoken
The old cans and metals are being collected
And come let eat this meal together
We can already hear the soft noise
Of the thunder and although we whisper
Words of hope with joy
We know we ought to eat this meal together
It might be the last.

Earth is dead
Earth is dead
Let your soul be sucked in
By the light bearer in a multifaceted drama
Let you heart melt on its heat
Profused forth by the racing heart
As we repaint these streets
To colours and shapes more discreet
Let your body wither and collapse
For the market is full and souls for sale
And yours the first to be bought
Let everything you know disappear
As you get baptized to new truths
Engloved in painful sacrifices
Where toddler’s blood freely flow
To the cunt of the holy whore
Let us walk together
Like the frills of the feather
Let us embrace the light bearer
As it make the darkness clearer
Looking towards the new heaven
For earth is dead, earth is dead!

I am anything I want to be I am anything I want to be
Like the mad resting at the sea
Being- unwillingly- churned by the fish
And possibly tied by a wish
To be a rock some day

I am too good for youI am too good for you
I know everything, you know nothing
If you do know something
It is the depth of your virginal

Will know her when I see herThat someone special for me
Will glitter in the dark
Will stand out in the park
Will into my eyes spark

It will be snowy in Africa
And the haze will have landed
And every color faded
But I will see that for me she was created

There will be noise and war
And kids about and around screaming
And into the market crowd thronging
And sinners in hell screaming

But I will spot my love when I see her
And I will know it is her I was meant for
Like the wish and the cold and the snow
And she too the same will know

Like two foolish pigeons
Toward each other we will rash
Hold each other in a deathly hash
And with kisses, each others tears wash

I will know her when I see her
She will know me when she sees me
And we will walk toward the love sea
For then all and we and the universe will be.

It was in heaven.
It was in heaven
Aha, at last heaven
And we could not see God
Not yet
But we saw what we saw
And they saw what we saw
And we saw what they saw.
When we reached the entrance point,
A flowered place
With petals raining blood,
A voice from us spoke
“See now
Do you deserve being here?”
The answer to that question
Was, apparently, the key; the ticket.

A nursery rhyme
Kimani kimanongo
Ngwaci ndungu
Kobo kobo cia airitu

And I saw a creature,
Clinging copiously onto a corpse.
That creature was, on close scrutiny, a man.
The corpse was illuminated to be a giant log
With tendrils and tiny branches.
Onto the tendrils and tiny branches
The creature that was man held on
As if to precious life
For if it let go;
Down below waited him
A strenuous, stark, dark void
Shaped with illusions opaqued in the void
And utter demise that gods couldn’t help avoid
And the man held onto the log
Secure in the knowledge that the log was holding
Unaware that with him,
The log was plunging down
For down was the only way to go
As flags and salutes flew by.

A nursery rhyme
Nu ucio wathuria
Ni gitarariki
Gikiuma mutito
Kuenja marima
Maguthika nyina
Haaii huui huui
Thumbira nugu

Little faulu little fowl
Little faulu little fowl
Once managed to squeeze herself
Out of the warm, stench-filled coop

She ran and ran and ran
Down the hill towards the green foliage
Where larks, vultures and peacocks called home

Little faulu ran, ran and ran after her
Stumbling on thistles and thickets;
Thorns tearing his skin but could not catch her

Amongst the larks, vultures and peacocks
She found those who her language spake.
And swiftly learnt of the hawks

“Ko kori ko ko!” sung the fowl
Ko ko kori ko!” this last was a wail
Meant: “I can’t return home again”

One of these things does not look like the other
One of these things does not look like the other
One of these things does not belong
There is a tail in one and a stripe in the other
Red blue stripe running down the middle
One of them stares west while all the other stands
Like the statue of Mary cuddling the holy baby
And his daddy Joseph straddling the table
Two of these things do not look like the other
Two of these things do not belong

Rise of the fallen
Follow me down
Way down below the second deck
If you are good enough, below the first deck
Follow me down

You do not want to follow me up
Up there is buoyancy
And the need to float
You do not want to follow me up

Follow me down
Where there is a ground to hold the feet
And no further down to fall to
Follow us down

Say a whisper

Say a whisper
To my shadow
I close my eyes

And imagine:
My shadow vibrate
To your soul

Where chords break
From all rots
And so swim

To my soul
I close my eyes
And breathe you

For time is
Warping wickedness
Binding you to my sins

In the side
By the river
I see your skull

Grinning sweetly
To my innocence
That’s you and me

We drown in the sea
To rescue your skull
Which binds your soul

On the seabed
Nude creatures laugh
As they swim in sins

Laughing at us as we drown
To rescue your soul
Which holds our soul

I know why I feel as I feel towards you
As a beetle knows why it is as a meteorite black
I understand why your sight burns my heart
As a beautiful slimy slug
Understand where god came from
I’ll seek to know you more
As the stars know the presence of others
The colours that shape my desire
Are milked from the emotion that you transpire
There is a tree behind my brown hut
Where blue shadows’ shapes catalyst my ache
The summer will soon be over
And with it my boundless love
For the Dead can not love
For the Dead know no love.

The few men left
The few men left could be forgiven
For talking in heavy voices devoid of any silk
For gazing at the ground with an inexpressible thirst and hunger
For talking to the few women left as if they were the few men left
For visiting the church ground as often as the mass burial ground
For eating uncooked meat without fear of the former diseases
Which caused this few men left to be the few men left
For being advocator and presiders of destruction of innocence
For shaping the world to their liking
And forcing the few men left to follow their line of thinking
By simply suggesting it and asking therein, “what does this say about humans?”
For making love to the few women left as if it always was a violent non consensual action
For killing kids dreams when still young to preserve this kid
From the tormenting demon that crouches beneath the dark caves where the forest were
For hiding the grotesque faces beneath lovely mask resembling those of the ladies that were
Could be forgiven for not to seeking to know
For knowing that knowing was not good
The few men left are often seen in dreams
And it always seems as if along they are swimming
Towards a land unknown hitherto and still dangerous to know
These few men left have long jaws
Their formally silk soft hair is as rough as the hedgerows
Their formally sensitive eyes are now smoke screens
They were just learning to feign emotional aspects
Now they are learning otherwise
The few men left could be forgiven
For being the few men left.

The path that was on the way
The path that was on the way
Was a path that was no way
But he said: ‘let’s go, let’s go!”
While we all yelled: “no, no!”
But in the end as always
He prevailed by appealing to our hearts
And our hearts said
Beyond this path
Where no path is
Lay caves full of treasure
The elixir spring flow perpetually hence
And the gardens that’s hold prison
The fruits of wisdom

The soiled pebbles
No more you wanna run
For you know where you wanna run
And it is where you are
Ruin, rotten and ugly
Used to be beautiful
Like red flowers in a clean glass
Used to be innocent
Like the first down
But to it you run
And no more you wanna run
For where you run to you ruin

The things I have learnt are the things that are gonna kill me
The things I have learnt are the things that are gonna kill me
The things I have not learnt are gonna corroborate with the things that I have learnt and kill me.
To be saved, I had not to have learnt the things I learnt
And I had to have learnt the things that I did not learn
What are the things that I learnt that are gonna kill me?
What are the things that I did not learn that are gonna help kill me?
The things hidden in the shadows
The things crouching beneath the hideous ghosts
The things making the tiny teething toddlers grin
The things causing the young priest to sin
The things that are gonna kill me ….
The things that were gonna save me….

These are black thoughts
These are black thoughts
Black thoughts by a black man
Black man who does not know what he can
What he can mean the difference
The difference being the state of the world
The world where issues are non- existence
Non-existence being the state of the thought
State of thoughts rotting in dirty imps’ school
Imps’ school being the place where they learn to sew underwear
Underwear with holes where poles can fit.
Poles can fit in the holes in their brain
In their brains are beautiful pictures of the world to come
The world to come is but a silly illusion
A silly illusion created by their silly religion
Their silly religion created by their silly political legion
Silly political legion comprised of the filthy rot of the society
The society half population being foetuses and stillborns
Foetuses and stillborn being the results of pastors and priests’ rapes
What we love we kill they say
What we kill we love they sing

Open your eyes to everything
Open everything to your eyes
Taste with your soul
As your finger feel
And look at a sight so beautifully foul
For passion is beauty
As beauty is passion
And the act is beastly
So the two in conspicuity converge.
The girl is… how old did you say?
The man in the body of a boy trembles.
Two, there is a harsh wind
And the flowers must be blown down
Before the flurry, stingy insects fertilize them
The fruit harvest will be low
And temporarily, the ground a beauty show.
Three, we see from this point
The glassy anguish, souls in basement loitering
Minds devoid of purpose diving
And imps denied of minds and beauty
Taking chance and fast.
Four her face glitter in a sweet sparkle
Her lips are full and soft
Her eyes are all aglow
Her thighs uncovered like her mother’s
Like the television’s star’s
Like the albino apes’
Like the virile female serpent’s
He licks the lower lip
As the penis’ head give a tip
And the pulse increase
And oh! She teases and teases and teases
And minds void of purpose
Beauty exposed to blind imps
He rises.
Five it sure will rain
Look at the granny and her pain
She remembers it, if nothing else
It is like knives in her fermenting mind
Red white hot scarring tearing
And the healing, the healing
She remembers the stench, an alien oduor
She remembers the sweat, the huge droplets
Piercing his forehead like huge thorns
She remembers the breath, the scared face
The young boy’s uncomprehending countenance
She remembers the vacuous pleasure
She sees the boy’s eyes wide open
His helplessness as she pinned her down
Her thighs across his frail body
Like elephant’s tracks. How old was she?
She remember when she left him
An hour she stared at the grey roof
Even when the penis went limp
And she had wiped the innocent fluid
And as she remembers
She grins at the photo of the child that was conceived.
Now long dead
Six at last it is six
And papa will be here
And with him. What?
SEVEN it was reported
That the drizzle had swept off
The bodies for it was a sloppy land
But seventeen bodies were counted
Private parts defiled.
Eight they said with smiles
That all would be well
The cold would not reach the room
And the dogs outside crooning
And the beds were warm
But the parents said:
“Well, they are all kids, really”
But later….well
Abortions had to be procured
And everybody was made to know
And two suicides later-
Bodies discovered in the boreholes
And others hanging by thin nylon threads in pit latrines
And mathare hospital and priesthood….
Nine and it was over
The so sweat, well- prepared supper was over
And grandfather had made it, smiling all along
Saying that cooking was his life
Joking like an intelligent dog
Starring the soup and smiling at her
And calling her “mother”
And she though it was a nightmare
He was pushing, holding her mouth with his hand
Almost biting off her young breasts
Pushing! Pushing! Pushing!
The blood gushing out in a torrent
And the breathing so loud, so loud
And there was of cause a death
Yet memory can not die
For that which does not live is not mortal
Is it then immortal?
And the lamp all along swinging and….
Ten and then they said:
“These boys need only sausages”
“We won’t ever have to smile at filthy men”
The boys- minds and beauty there
Were tied
But the penises always stood
Like a dog salivating on seeing poisoned meat
And they cooed and shrilled
And went to business later
For they were successful businesspersons
But the penises always shot up
Like dogs salivating on seeing poisoned meat
The maize plants were tall
They had given birth to three a piece
And beans plants used them for support
And they shared nitrogen
Twelve. The sun never rose
It went down in history
For one mind is as many
And many minds is as one
There was grease
There were scissors
There was a mighty sword
There were bottles
There was a sheet of paper with writings
There was a dark liquid
There was a rape
And the benevolent spirit said:
“I made you whole and wholesome
And on the thirteen day I devour you”

Nusery rhime
Tukuuruga mariko meri
Tondu baba ni muthigari
Nake mami ni mwarimu
Mangiriti karie itina

We are not reflections of others
We are not mirror images
When we hate
It is not our ‘real’ hating
It is us
We are not moving as they move
We are not creating as they create
We are real
We can touch our skin
And we feel it
Not because ‘they’ touch it and feel it
They are not real if anything.
We are!
Yes, they have some effects
But we are the real ones
We are!

We are unlike
We are unlike
You are scared stiff by the
By the heartbeat of a dead body
And the whistling sound the soul make as it sail by
While as I, a tall creature
Embraces such.

The tale
What we did that day
Is a story for another day?
What we said next to the yellow trenches
Is a tale to be told as we sit on the white benches
Who the whitely dressed lady was
Is a tale I must tell you of course
The fight that started across the street
As the beast tore at the other beast
Is a tale to be told as we feast
Upon the ewe that we are fattening
As we await the arrival of the dead king
You remember we went as more
But here we return and only four
The ladies no longer being with us
A tale to be told after the mass.
And so why all this fuss?
Because as soon as we tell a tale
It sprig tingly and windily go stale
So we save it for tomorrow
When it might be needed to mollify a sorrow

When evil smile
It is such a sweet smile
You see no malice there
You see the white of the teeth
The fruity red of the gum
And the calm creases at the corner of the mouth
And the twinkling eyes complementing the smile
You see the joy of joining in the smile
You wonder why you thought it was evil
When the evil smile
It is an amnesiac drug
You hug the evil
You become one with the evil
You see the beauty of the heart
You see the profundity of the smile
You become so forgiving
So my child
When the evil smile
You must look away
When evil smile
You want to look away.

When my eyes are by yours entranced
My heart shivers as it races.

My heart is a rock thumping at my heart,
When our eyes on each other reflect.

When my hand feels your sensuous skin,
My heart ruptures in dolorous joy.

My heart is melted by its warmth,
When your larky voice whisper into my ear.

When we achieve equilibrium by sharing time and god,
My soul shamelessly sings in\of secret joys.

And it is a profound, golden moment
When your witchy touch electrify my body.


All these filthy motherfucking bitches
Wanna get riches
From me cuz they are just leaches
And I eat them like rotten peaches
Cuz it is the only worthy game in the street chase
But the worm will catch up with you so put more haste
So you can learn to distinguish the taste
And then its quick, sweet, witty, cut and paste

It was in the future
And as projected
The future a creature
And adverts read:
Guards against women offensive
For, yes, it was no longer
Possible to rape, a woman
They had evolved
And thus contrived
To fight against what had become
Mans’ favourite sport: ‘rape’
From their virginal
They now produced two forms of fluids
One for consensual sex
And another against, a fluid
Reacting violently to testerones
Within the moment of contact
And it was not within the woman power
To decide which fluid to shed
As would have been such potent power
It just came like the green in the glass
Or the brown in the earth
Or the nectar in the mutated honeysuckle
A human female would never be raped
Unless with metal penises.

How do you describe it?
What make it so irresistible?
What is there in the sight of
A woman, her bulbous breast
Calling forth with a cry to be devoured?
How does sex feel?
How does one feel as he sweats gallons?
How does she feel as her
Body softens and submits and let go?
And feel free to receive
And what joy is it in giving pleasure?
As the race intensify and the final gate is seen
And her eyes pop open wide
And she stares like a holy imp
Daring you to stop and she will kill you
Pulling you down and making that moan
And seeming so powerful then, so profound
Her lips palpating, her breast bursting off
Her virginal lips turning soupy
And what is the joy in the toil
As he crushes her and want with all his force
To pull her in, like sly quick sand swallow her
And yet surrender himself to her
In an act of utter betrayal
Of the selfish genes crying out for salvation
In this state of utter confusion?
What make her seem the ultimate,
The best then, the Alfa god then?
That she would ask to bite the ear off
And he would deliriously wale “ay ay!”
That she would cry: “I own you, I own you!”
And in demented ecstasy, he hand over the dagger
As the life-full penis slide in, why is the insane
Need to pull out and the atrocious
Urge to push in so simultaneous thus
An act of surrender to the unknown
T o a void full of unknown treasure
Yet a void?
Why is it tasteless
Who can say, priest and nuns, exempted
What is the joy of sex?

Whole worlds!
Whole, real worlds!
Whole, real world staring!
And, ah! Look at them!
They are whole worlds!
They are whole real worlds!
Only one thing is missing
You look long you see it
You see it
You long for it
You must have it
You seek it
And it become sought
Oh! Real, whole worlds!
Ah look at them
Whole, real world staring.

The boundaries are yellow
And above them if you look long
For sure you see the gold
Glittering in a yellow moon
And as the vision falters
The mind configure a fragrance
The yellow start to peel off
You start to see the monstrous figure
And also it is an angel
Come to take you
Fly with you
And you don’t want to fly
For the angel is a female
You want a male angel
One you can copulate with
One you can kiss and feel kinda shy
But this angel, no!
Then you see the boundaries
You had forgotten the boundaries
And now oh! You wish
You had not been a chooser
Had taken any angel that came your way
But that’s not your way
The boundaries shine.

But we just don’t feel right
Letting those spiritual phrases flow
Out of our mouth, out of our hearts.
We too are blessed with hearts whose demons are dreaded
But we keep them quiet, we keep them quiet
There are mirrors in our rooms too
Where we can glance in like you
And say we are just humans, just humans.
The forgiveness of our sins
Are effected from the beginnings
And we scream hallelujah, scream hallelujah
The conception of our soul
Does not allow us at all
To let the spiritual phrase flow
For each time we use them
Out they flow with a little bit of our soul
With a little bit of our soul.

Glow with me
And we will see
Walk with me
And you will see
Come into my room
Come kiss my lips
And I will see
I don’t want you to love me
I have been loved enough
Don’t leave me
Hold on a moment
Hope is like a thread of grass
And see, see
Hope can breathe too
Draw its breath from us
From us
Share with me you heart
And then you will see
Why the dead are not loving
Why the dead are not being loved
Aha! Now you smile
When I talk of the dead
When I talk of the dead
When I talk of the dead
When I talk of the dead you smile
What if I mention their rotting lips?
You grimace as if you have no lips
What if I talk of their unbeating heart,
Their silent pulse,
Of their unfaltering soul?
Then I say come with me
Walk the long road with me
Giving me no comfort
Giving me no spiritual warmth
Just walk with me
And we will see.

First you smile
Then you walk a mile
Then you feast on red thighs
Then you go to church-
A temple for you will do
Then you give birth
Or donate sperms
To a whore or a virgin
Both will act as vessels
For humans are torch bearers
And where are they taking the torch?
The question is:
Where did they get the torch?
But, be blind to those questions
Don’t smother the demon
Don’t even think about it
Let them sooth you to sleep
The yellow sun is the source of light
The green moon is the source of dreams
They are the fathers and mothers
Of all your demons
Who is the father, who is the mother?
Mothers have always been popular with sons
The breast has a greenish, uneatable quality
And the son must love the mother
Don’t slay a demon
Don’t slay yourself

Make it simple
Make it simple
And it will twinkle
Add squinters and tweets
And any eye it will catch quick
The heather is cold
The young heart is bold
The old mind is kind
Make it simple
And it’ll more twinkle

JUST SOI enshroud my body that stinks
With cleanly sparkling clothes
And the cleanly sparkling clothes
Are made to stink

The Lord’s Prayer (revised edition)
Our father who art in heaven
Please make my road more even
Hallowed be thy name
As you reduce my sins and the shame
Thy kingdom come
Especially to me and luxman and ram
For I don’t consider myself a bum
And your virgin daughters I can not harm
Thy will be done on earth
As you prepare my enemy for my wrath
Whom I will give a blood birth
And cleanse them in a spiritual blood bath
Hoping it is your will to witness their death
For I no longer can withstand the stench from their breath
As it is done in heaven
And in my endeavors I will be more driven
I wont ever forget what I was given
Give us this day our daily bread
Today tomorrow and to the world end
Which is so near for our children we now bed
Impregnate, abort and fornicate instead
Of filling good advice in their head
And forgive us our trespasses
For nudity as fashion now passes
And obscenity and unpronounceable curses
From our throats and souls immerges
In an Endeavour to impress these stupid lasses
Who skip churches and are fucked immediately after the masses
Which runs contrary to all that we were taught in our classes
And more fornication in night journey in buses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Thought I don’t see how with all the filth thick pulse
Pulsating as I gaze at the milky mucus
Immerging from her filthy arse
Now the size of a full grown ass
That for so long has served and sated us
And our hunger for… what defy us
Lead us not into temptation
For it is so much while still in cohabitation
With filthy humans who have embraced prostitution
And everything I see is fashioned for sexual seduction
In place of worship and even police station
And in marriages it seem there is never a satisfaction
All our little girls have procured abortion
Father for me fight far from me these temptation
For my heart is too frail to fight off sexual seduction
When the pretty maid and her red thighs promises heavenly satisfaction
But deliver us from evil


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