President Uhuru Assent To Interest Rates Capping Bill

President Uhuru Kenyatta has assented to the bill that will control how much interest rate bank can charge on loans and the least they can give on deposit. This has made Kenyans very happy and the bankers are no doubt up in arms. The president said the banks needed to be controlled


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CORD To Call For Vicious Demonstrations Unless Jubilee ….

Opposition chief has given the jubilee ruling coalition one week to return Adabu Namwaba to its nest or it will call for vicious mass protest whose effects will be felt as far as the president’s beloved home province.

Speaking to the media from the CORD headquarters, the opposition chief termed the poaching of the youthful and promising politician “shameful and callous” and urged the ruling coalition to practice “clean politics”.


the opposition chief

Adabu Namwaba is the immediate former secretary general of ODM which is an euphimism for CORD. His name means good manners and strong of spirit and this beautiful aspect of the youthful vibrant politician is often made manifest as he eloquently give speeches across the country whose inspiring message moves all who are lucky to hear it. Young university ladies have been known to throw their pink panties at him in delirious bliss during political rallies as if he was a rock star. He has however not allowed the fame to get to his head as he remains humble and approachable so the story goes

The opposition chief termed the action by the jubilee supremos as painful since everyone knew that Adabu Namwaba was the hope of the party. “We made this boy, eh, straight from school and when he is now a shinning light and hope of the party, jubilee has taken him away from us. This can not stand. Adabu is ours and no one can take him away no matter how well finacially oiled” said the oppositon chief in reference to the mythical substantial financial muscles of the ruling coalition

The poached politician could not be reached for comments as his phone went answered. It is understood however that Hon. Adabu will issue a strong statement in the coming day trashing the reports that he has been poached. He is his own man, so the story go.

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Evolution Is Slow, Very Slow


Angelina Jolie’s six Children

These people who are posting photos of their future babies next to their profiles. You are making my day, such adorable cuties unless they are Chinese or European and you are a negro in which case I wonder: Are your mental faculty not faulty? Not that it is bad to dream that one day you will be a European if that’s your inclinations but perfect as evolution is, it takes many years for noticeable changes, such as skin colour, texture and general shape to occur. We are talking millions of years here eh?

Plus, chances of you getting skin cancer are double if you are not black and with all this global warming and ozone layer vanishing and shit you might want to hold on to your black skin for a little longer. It might save your ass.

Hey I am not hating if you so forging and want your child to look like the racist twerks who kidnapped your ancestor and made them slaves and raped their mothers and sisters as they watched, all I am saying is that technically and biologically your can’t turn into a Chinese over night. Even the immortal gods and jesuses of this universe can not do that for you.

Anyway, it might even turn out you are as sterile as a mule, in which case THIS IS GOOD NEWS since you now have a perfect excuse to adopt a child from whatever race you desire, although you might struggle a bit to adopt that adorable Chinese kid since they have this two child policy thing and ironically children over there are in short supply which is odd since they are into hundreds of million but scarce in that each family has one or two, mostly one.

I will leave with the quote: they hate us cuz they ain’t us.

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To The Kenya Post Election Violence Victims, Take Heart

Guys! Guys! More than 1500 Kenyans were killed during post election violence. Millions were displaced and their lives disrupted. Others were marked and are now wounded for life with lost limbs.

We all know who was contesting the presidency then. Not a question was asked of the two contestant. Which is shocking. Humans however are capable of self punishment and immoration when the usual official and formal justice system fails due to corruption and outright immorality.

To the victims of post election violence, I say, take heart in knowing that even if the humans justice system fails you, the nature justice will work. You will hear of men going insane and so forth. Others will make ruinous financial decisions and go broke.

Others will take their live when they can no longer take it as they are haunted by the ghostly faces of the lives they took. They will lack peaceful sleep as the blood of those whose lives they ruined circle viciously in their veins. Hitler, we are told by historians, killed himself .

Those who murdered your parents and made you orphans will soon enough pay the price. Most have already paid the price I can assure you. Some things you may be forgiven, bit can you forgive yourself ? Knowing that you took a life, a fellow human yet the both of you are fleetingly just passing through this world and like butterflies, you are here today and tomorrow gone and for what? For what did you take a fellow human life? A human who on another day would have clothed, fed or housed you in your time of need.

To the white men who funded these thing as you tried to install your puppets in Kenya’s state house. Shame on you? I spit on your graves!

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Thieves Of Kenya

Oh God of host

Please take this thieves away

They have made mansions from millions

Minted from the poor

Feed with silver spoon from golden plates

And drinks from golden goblet

Of the poor’s sweat and blood

Oh God of host

Please decapitate these thieves of Kenya

On their abroad trips to study cooking tea

In Netherlands for tourism

Bring down the planes and let them burn.

They have grassroots projects

Where making one pit toilet

Cost a fortune that would make a school

And oh God of host

Disfigure their faces and dismember their bodies

Let them rot and rust in pits

Let dark ghost steal their soul

Oh God of host

Destroy every facet of their lives

In their palatial home

Let there be no peace in their homes

Oh God of host as they travel in their fuel guzzlers

Send your calamity arm so that from the poor they will steal no more

Fill us your children with wisdom to destroy them

Let the pastor banish them from our religious place

They are an abomination oh God of host

Send the demons of stroke upon them

For their thieving way have robbed us lives

Of loved ones as they died for lack of medication

With shame and pain they have filled our nation

As so fill theirs too

They have taken all our land to keep it idle

As we starve oh God of host

Every penny we earn they take

And purchase frivolously like spoilt kid

Condom dispenser whose price would build a library

Thus saving  chela her agony of begging.

Mansions whose gate cost can upgrade a whole slum

Wheelbarrows from the future

Oh God of host painfully kill them for us

They steal for their children

Make them barren

And let their children denounce them in shame

If they escape the drugs trap oh God

Foreign nations, friend of Kenya join our prayer

And ban this thieves of Kenya from your country

Reveal their stolen wealth dear Switzerland

These thieves have names

CS, MCAs, Governors, MPs,

And they steal through fancyly named projects

NYS, NGO, Youth fund, rural electrocutions

Electrocute them God of host.

They built palatial homes in leafy suburbs

And engage in ungodly sexual acts

With slaves as young as ten

God of host kill them all.

Take their sanity oh God of host

And let them roam naked the street they grabbed

And when you do this God of host

Glory and honour shall be yours forever


Cc ministry of devolution

CC  Anne waiguru

Cc  all MCAs

Cc  All priest and pastors

Cc  governors

Cc traffic cops


Cc  #kenyans

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Speech on Measures The Government Will Take To Fight Corruption

Corruption by government official in Kenya and wasteful elected officials especially MCAs and governors have souled Kenya' s name worldwide and broken Kenyan hearts and spirit . Kenya's president had vowed to fight this evil and asked Kenyan to help him in the fight. Let start with the 50shs traffic cops.

Corruption by government official in Kenya and wasteful elected officials especially MCAs and governors have soiled Kenya’ s name worldwide and broken Kenyan hearts and spirit . Kenya’s president had vowed to fight this evil and asked Kenyan to help him in the fight. Let start with the 50shs traffic cops.

Fellow Kenyans, in ensuring that both government and the private sector interact as guided by our national values and ethics:

Every company from now henceforth seeking to work with government both at the national and county level, will have to sign an approved Business Code of Ethics domiciled in the Public Procurement Oversight Authority. I direct that the Cabinet Secretary to the National Treasury gives this code effect through regulations under the Public Procurement and Disposal Act.

Any business that fails to comply with the Code will be disqualified from doing business with government for a period not less than 5 years and the information will be made public.

This disqualification will not only apply to the business entity but also to its directors.

Companies, and their officials, guilty of breaching the Code will further be delisted from all business association. I call upon all the Business Associations to comply with this requirement.

In this regard, the Government will not engage in Business with Companies with blacklisted members.

Accounting officers, AIE holders and supply chain officers will be held personally liable for doing any government business with blacklisted companies.

The private sector is spearheading a national values campaign under the MkenyaDaimabanner, which is focusing on national values and encouraging every person to not only embrace their rights but pay a greater mind to their responsibilities.

The campaign will also target corruption as being shameful and dishonourable as is those who practice it. I assure the private sector of my support and that of my government in this endeavour.

I am also determined to bring back the spirit of SelflessService. Senior officials must exhibit the highest standard of ethical behaviour and lead by example as is required of them under Chapter 6 of the Constitution. I direct the Inspector General to enforce this requirement without fear or favour.

Kenyans know that delay in providing services creates an environment where bribery thrives. We are therefore introducing penalties in performance contracts, and tying each department and agency to the timelines given in service charters. In addition, service-delivery institutions will identify services which can be offered faster at an additional cost. I hereby direct the Head of Public Service to enforce this.

With a view to ensure that values are being taught at every level of our education system, I direct that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and related bodies expedite the work of mainstreaming ethics and integrity awareness in the public and private education curriculum with a clear target of it being applicable and examinable in the next academic year. I also urge the religious leaders to declare corruption a sin against God and humanity.

For Government, we are introducing compulsory and continuous ethics and integrity training across all levels of the public service. I will insist on holding the most senior officials to a high standard of conduct.

Fellow Kenyans, in regard to the rule of Law:

This morning, I have received from the Private Sector, a proposed Bribery Bill. The Bribery Bill will focus on the supply side of corruption, on those who give bribes or induce public officials.

Among other measures, it will also penalise the failure by the commercial sector to prevent bribery. I direct the Attorney General to begin the process of passing this into law as soon as is possible.

We have signed Mutual Legal Aid agreements with a number of countries that have committed to identify and deal, in their jurisdictions, with illicit wealth acquired in Kenya. We will look to sign more such agreements and follow them up for implementation.

We will also become stronger players in the diplomatic arena in encouraging actions that promote global financial integrity.We must make the world as inhospitable for corruption as it is for terrorism financing. I urge all our partners to enact similar laws because we know that bribery knows no boundaries.

I am directing the Attorney General to complete the work with all stakeholders to quickly enact a whistle-blower protection legislation that will ensure that those who come forward with information on corrupt practices are protected.

I have met with the Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, and with the head of the Financial Reporting Centre, to discuss and agree with them how we can ensure the banking system is not used to launder the proceeds of theft and fraud. From today those banks that break our anti money laundering laws and regulations will, at a minimum, lose their banking licences.

But that is not all: the directors and senior officials of such banks are now on notice that they will be pursued relentlessly, individually and collectively, in accordance with the law, should they succumb to the lure of breaking our anti money laundering laws and regulations. Finally, the Central Bank and the Financial Reporting Centre are, as a matter of urgency, strengthening their supervision capabilities over banks.

Following discussions with the Hon. Chief Justice, I am pleased to announce that he has committed to work with the National Council of Administrative Justice to actualize Fast Tracking prosecution of corruption and economic crimes as envisaged in the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act. He has also assured me that he will make every effort to ensure the setting up a division of the High Court on Corruption and Economic Crimes.

With a view to ensure we have the necessary institutional framework to sustain this war against corruption, we will review the legal and institutional framework on Customs and Border Protection.

In the meantime, I am directing the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service to ensure that all staff working in the Kenya Revenue Authority, the Customs and Immigration departments to undergo integrity and competency vetting by an independent multi agency vetting mechanism.

In order to streamline Government and thereby also reduce opportunities for theft and wastage, we will immediately enact the Parastatal Reform Bill. This is the least we can do to reflect the Prudence that the Constitution enforces on us.

Last Friday, the Attorney General presented me with the recommendations by the Task Force on Review of the Legal Policy and Institutional Framework for Fighting Corruption in Kenya that I called for last March during the State of the Nation address.

I have directed the immediate implementation the recommendations made particularly prioritising those that will ensure we fulfil our goal of building strong cases, reclaiming assets and achieving convictions.

Within Government, I will lead a national coordinated effort bringing together Parliament, the Judiciary, the Criminal Investigation Department, the Department of Public Prosecutions, the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission, the Asset Recovery Agency and the Financial Reporting Centre to reverse perverse incentives that lead to corruption, close theloop-holes that dishonest officials use to steal and to tighten our legislation work, to improve our investigations and prosecutions.

Fellow Kenyans, on securing the public procurement from corruption and cutting wastage in government:

I am also directing that with immediate effect no public goods and supplies will be procured at prices above the prevailing market price by any public agency at the national and county level. The Public Procurement Oversight Authority shall henceforth widely publish its periodical price reference list for goods and services.

I am also directing the PPOA to forward to my office a compliance report on this directive, once every quarter, for action in accordance with article 226(5) of the Constitution.

Delay in government making payment for goods and services it has received plays a big part in creating incentives for bribery and rent seeking. I am also announcing that every Accounting Officer shall be held responsible for ensuring that all payments for goods and services are paid for in a timely manner as prescribed in the supply contract.

The Ethics And Anti- Corruption Commission, The Criminal Investigation Department and the Asset Recovery Agency, which we are operationalising immediately, will institute proceedings to recover monies from companies that through collusion with public officials supplied above price reference lists.

On the other hand, private sectorvendors who do not deliver on time, or deliver substandard goods, will be penalised and barred from any future supply of goods and services to the government.

Kenya has some of the most tech savvy people in Africa, and our IT sector is rightly renowned for its innovation and leading edge products. We will tap this home grown talent to develop accessible technology platforms. I call upon Kenyan innovators to develop accessible technology platforms that allow citizens and customers to report bribe demands, inordinate service delays and corrupt practices in Government departments. The data produced will be publicised and available to the Presidency to hold responsible officers to account.

All Accounting officers, AIE holders and Supply chain officers will be held personally liable for approving or allowing any supply of goods and services with companies that have been barred or disqualified under the Business Code of Ethics and the Public Procurement and Disposal Act.

To reverse the perverse incentive of government officials traveling as a way to earn money, we will introduce travel wallet cards for all State Officers and Chief Executive Officers of State Corporations.

This will also allow my office to monitor the extent of their travel against the value that they deliver in doing so.

I am directing where any public officer has through their actions or inaction caused loss of public resources, that a surcharge of the said public officers in accordance with Articles 226(5),201(d); and 232(b) of the Constitution be done.

Any individual, director or corporate entity from the private sector who aids, abets or participate in supply of goods and services in violation of article 201(d); 226(5) and 232(b) shall also be subject to proceedings to recover any loss of public funds. They shall also be liable for every available criminal sanction and shall be debarred from participation in public procurement for a period of 5 years.

Working together with the private sector, we are accelerating the full operationalisation of the E-Procurement system and ensure the same is rolled out to all Government departments.

The relevant government agencies must accelerate the digitisation of government services and the institution of electronic invoicing and digital payments. This will seal loopholes of revenue losses.

I am also directing the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service to oversee the integration of all government digitisation to allow for cross-referencing between various government databases and facilitate multi-location access by enforcement officers.

It has come to light, that the design of plans and budgets is increasingly becoming vendor driven. I believe that we should now separate the planners and budgeters from the implementers and spenders.

I am tasking the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service to design an Office of Management and Budget under the Presidency. The Presidency will produce a President’s Budget working with the Parliamentary Budget Office. This will ensure that I drive priorities, oversight and reduce influence peddling in budgeting, while ministries and departments concentrate on implementation and service delivery.

I am of the mind fellow Kenyans that we in government should take better care of your money before we ask you for more taxes.

I am therefore going to insist that we have no increase in the overall government tax in the next financial year. I direct every State agency seeking to increase its tax must demonstrate to my office the need for the change and commensurate benefits for example NHIF and their new rates.

In the past, my Government has issued some of the policy statements I have announced. I have not been satisfied with a lot of the implementation, partly in regard to poor coordination and the red tape involved in implementing a new constitutional dispensation.

For this reason, from now henceforth, the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service will be reporting to me on a weekly basis on progress in implementing the measures I have announced today.

I believe that corruption is a standing threat to our national security. The bribe accepted by an official can lead to successful terrorist attacks that kill Kenyans. It can let a criminal off the hook for them to return to crime and harming Kenyans. Terrorism itself is a national security threat.

The damage to our economy puts millions of lives at peril and undermines our very aspirations as a nation.

I am therefore declaring with immediate effect corruption as a national security threat. I direct the all security agencies, the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission, the Asset Recovery Agency and the Financial Reporting Centre to take cognizance of this.Indeed, last Friday I nominated the chairperson and members of the EACC. I have transmitted their names to the National Assembly for vetting.

The National Intelligence Service should pursue information and intelligence on the corruption and bring it to my attention, and to the attention of the relevant investigating and prosecution bodies. The National Security Advisory Committee should add corruption, particularly that which impacts security, in its agenda and advise to the National Security Council.

I want to again urge the DPP, the EACC, the Judiciary, Parliament, the private sector, and all Kenyans, including government officials, to rally around our path of transformation.

The only way we will make it to Vision 2030 and Beyond as a prosperous, secure and dignified Kenya is for us to relentlessly fight the evils that are Abuse of Office, Fraud, Bribery and Wastage.

We will win this fight. Not least because Kenyans for the first time in decades have strong tools to demand accountability. The Constitution we passed has provided for ample provisions which when implemented, not only in letter but in spirit, hold public officials, and indeed all Kenyans, to account.

We will make it expensive for anyone stealing from Kenyans and denying them education, health, security, infrastructure, water and other services that they work so hard to receive form their government. I call on every Kenyan to be the eyes, ears, and voice of this redoubled national effort. My office will spearhead these actions and hold everyone I have mentioned today responsible to deliver.

Thank you



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On Being a Failed Writer

this is it

Writers Without Money

At the age of 50, I am a failed writer. Except for a few articles on CounterPunch, everything I’ve published has been self-published. I’ve worked tens of thousands of hours, written hundreds of thousands of words, and have never made a dime. Had I spent the same amount of time at a minimum wage retail job, I’d be rich, or at least a shift-supervisor at Starbucks. I haven’t been able to find an audience. You probably won’t even read this.

So why don’t I quit?

I tried. From the age of 25 to the age of 50, I had one goal In life, to cure myself of the urge to write. But I failed. Let me explain.

The urge to write should never be confused with the ability to make a living by writing, or even the ability to express yourself by putting words down on paper. T. S…

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