The Inimitable Art Of Street Bargaining

My friend Joffrey recently came to my clothes shop also called kibanda or camera zone because the clothes sold there are all camera meaning they are pricey because they are the
Latest trend.

He admired a tee shirt whose art was a skull and before you know it we were talking its price. I told him it would cost him kshs 1800.
My friend asked whether I had forgotten that we went to school together.

I asked how I could forget such a significant thing. It was impossible to say the least.

Joffrey asked me if that was the case, why was I selling him the teeshirt at such an exhobitant price, he demanded to know why I was killing him with such a price.

I replied that far from it I had in fact given him the best price, almost half the price and that i was not getting even a penny more on the price I had gotten it at from gikomba market.

He laughed and said that I knew he was not a fool and that i should not give him that business talk because he knew it all. He brought it to my notice that not only did we grow up together as buddies and went to the same village school but that we suffered a lot together. He related to me tales of our adventures together as fruits thieves from neighbours farms. I smile as he gesticulated wildly like an insane ape.

As hard a heart I have and as a business man of repute, i yielded to this emotional appeal. You understand that the markup on my products is 300% but I here had to yield. I said OK. I will slash the price and eat The loss, give me 1500

Are you mad? My friend asked.

That is the best I can do. I replied nonchalantly.

My friend handed over the shirt and said. It seems indeed when they get rich they forget everyone.

That touches a nerve, an emotional nerve and once again I yielded and found myself insanely thinking that i was willing to only get a 200% markup. You understand this was insanity because the least i ever went was 250% markup. I said I would let him have it for free and he only have to give me what I had paid to get it which was kshs 100o. Needless to say, but said nonetheseless,  this was a lie.


About The Life Teacher

We all need a father to point out the way, a mother to hold on to and to explain this and that, a loving brother to hep us beat that bully at his game, a sister to share our fantasy with and to be warm with in those days and hours when we really need that. We need someone to assure us that life has a purpose and great meaning and that it is not all a meaningless swimming in an ocean of ugly creatures. we need a guiding hand, we need a spiritual guide and a guardian angel, we all need The Life Teacher.
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