How Feminists Killed Family Unit And Freed The Man

If you don’t settle down with a good girl to form a family, you will live a lonely, sexless life and die alone miserably. Your name will die and you will be buried by the government or city council because you will have no one. This is what young men were told in those early days that were before the storm.

The thought of not having regular sex was especially scary. By age twenty, most men were married to girls as young as fourteen. Then came the feminist and all of a sudden, men were freed. They no longer had to marry to have sex and even if they married, they did not necessarily have to stay in that marriage forever, mainly because the feminist movement ensured that most mothers had a career which made men less guilty when breaking up a #marriage because they knew the children wouldn’t starve as their mother was earning.

These events and other have led to a phenomenon rise in number of prostitutes. Data from various reputable statistics firms such as the bureau of statistics shows that for every one thousand female beyond age 15, an astonishing 300 are having sex for money. These numbers tell a story that will sadden most feminists, that there is a large number of women Willing or forced to have sex without the commitment of a marriage. In Kenya, we have seen the unabated rise of the sponsor phenomenon where a young girl, often a college student offer sexual favours to old men in return for financial reward. One trick the society use to accept a formerly frowned upon vice is give it a new name when it becomes acceptable or is forced down the throat of the society, thus, prostitution becomes sponsorship, witchcraft become miracle healing, euthanasia become assisted dying and so on and so forth.

We now live in an age where majority of women are beguiled that no men want to marry them. They have formed support groups Like kilimani mums where they discuss these strange times events and devise means to trap some hapless men but it is mostly not working and where it works a divorce is not often far off. Men want just to have fun/sex with them with no commitment for why should a man commit and be turned into a mule or a slave in exchange for regular #sex when he can get it out there at a fee but not lifelong fee?

It’s a bright new world for men and the former dark days of man slavery seems like a distance memory of a long gone epoch. Thanks #feminism.


About The Life Teacher

We all need a father to point out the way, a mother to hold on to and to explain this and that, a loving brother to hep us beat that bully at his game, a sister to share our fantasy with and to be warm with in those days and hours when we really need that. We need someone to assure us that life has a purpose and great meaning and that it is not all a meaningless swimming in an ocean of ugly creatures. we need a guiding hand, we need a spiritual guide and a guardian angel, we all need The Life Teacher.
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