Sad Decline of John Kiarie The Comedian aka KJ

There he is, John Kiarie, the guy we all loved

There he is, John Kiarie, the guy we all loved

We all loved him. He was so full of energy and such vibrant spirit that we could not imagine how reduklass would have been without him. Ultimately, greed ate him as it does to many others. KJ became entrapped into the notion that simply because the public loved him through the redykyulass TV show that they would simply transform that love to him once he entered politics but alas! This was not to be as many celebrities have come to learn to the detriment of their natural career. Simply being a popular comedian, sportsman or musician does not guarantee a seam-less transition into politics. Liberia’s George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah tried and failed. Many academicians such as Ngugi wathiong’o or Wole Soyinka would make very good politicians due to the political nature of the works they are cerebrated for, but they know better. Theory and practice are very different things.

KJ was not very great with joke as many would agree, he was not that creative but the energy with which he presented his pieces made him come out strongly, very strongly indeed. He was superb at caricaturing Kamotho and when Moi and his crones were dethroned, he was equally as good at taking the role of Lucy Kibaki.

There were the articles whispers by Wahome Mutahi, last word by Mutahi Ngunyi and then there was the kj page. These three made everyone buy the Nation newspaper. I am sure that Nation tried to beg the guy to say in vain. It was however to be noted that kj page was becoming more political with fewer and fewer jokes and we all knew that it was just a matter of time before the genius of would drown into the stinking murky waters of politic. If you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you. This applies perfectly to kj, he looked deep into the abyss and the abyss looked into him and liked what it saw and decided that kj was a cake for it to eat of. kj became the latest political puppet.

for kj case, it can not be because of money. Can it? No. not only did he have a whole page at the nation newspaper but he was and I presume he still is, working as a comedian and a host of various events across the country and was thus making top dollar. Once, he entered politic, at first it was not easy to tell whether he was serious or joking. Recently I saw him being interviewed by KTN latest poached recruit James Smart and he looked pathetic as he tried to sound tough and politically educated now talking like the very people he used to ridicule. I and many other Kenyans mourn the death of kj. Of cause we are talking about the death of the comedian for the slow ones, not John kiarie the politician who is alive, well and kicking.


About The Life Teacher

We all need a father to point out the way, a mother to hold on to and to explain this and that, a loving brother to hep us beat that bully at his game, a sister to share our fantasy with and to be warm with in those days and hours when we really need that. We need someone to assure us that life has a purpose and great meaning and that it is not all a meaningless swimming in an ocean of ugly creatures. we need a guiding hand, we need a spiritual guide and a guardian angel, we all need The Life Teacher.
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