Blast Rocks Kenya’s Capital Nairobi, More Than 30 Injured! Is It The Al Shabab?

kenya attacked again

More than 30 people were injured, four of them critically after a heavy blast in Nairobi. The blast which occurred at Moi Avenue at sasa stall next to Mt. Kenya university campus was at once suspected to be the work of the al shabab insurgents although they have not come forward to claim the same. The blast rocked the stall at exactly twelve minutes past one east African time. Kenyatta national hospital reported receiving 29 casualties. Police commissioner Mathew Iteere in an Endeavour to mollify the fear of the public that Kenya is now under siege and real possibility of having a full scale terrorist act perpetrated against her has moved t array such fear by suggesting that it might have been an electrical fault inside the building however, internal security minister Orwa Ojonde, who was quick to arrive at the scene informed the public that “police are investigating the possibility of a grenade attack” which is what the public wanted to hear so as to draw the ominous conclusion that the al shabab had struck.

“Four people are critically injured and are in high dependency unit,” Mathew Iteere told journalists later at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Ever since the Kenyan government with the support of the international community instigated the war against the al shabab elements in SomaliaKenyans have been living on the edge with perpetual fear of a terrorist attack hanging on the head like the mythical sword. Eye witness at the scene, some of them still in shock or with slight injuries reported the occurrence of a huge blast which threw debris across space and thus injuring those present. The powerful explosion shook the nearby buildings which triggered a panic evacuation process with most occupants of the nearby building afraid, as who wouldn’t, for their safety. It comically stupid to note that as some fled the scene, other curious and not very intelligent people were rushing to the same scene, exposing themselves thus to another potential attack, military police were however on hand to cordon off the area so as to save these curious onlookers from themselves and so as not to ruin the evidence. Police also ordered the closure of Moi Avenue to traffic in the wake of the blast and sealed-off the scene of the explosion allowing only emergency vehicles. Sections of Tubmun Road and River Road were also closed to traffic and the industrious kenyans helped to push away personal vehicles parked along the street as a huge ball of fire erupted at the apparel shop.

Doctors at Kenyatta hospital have informed the newsmen and women that most of the victims were due to be discharged from hospital later Some of the victims suffered extreme burns after the shop caught fire and were rushed to hospital writhing in excruciating pain. Victims injuries were helped into waiting police vehicles and ambulances as others were carried or stretched away for treatment

later, a lady victim informed newsmen that a man came into the store and left behind a bag in lieu of going for a friend. who was this man and what was in the bag? these are, without a doubt, notthe onlyquestions and we leave the rest to detectives although going by past records, we really wish that sherlock holmes was still here or real

By choosing to be bravado and, like the united state of America, choosing the dangerous rout of tackling terrorism head on, did Kenya bite more than it could chew? While the efforts of the brave solders fighting in Somalia can not fail to be lauded and while the benefits of defeating and wiping out the alshabab and terrorism are self-evident, kenyanvoice note with gave concern that once more as giants flex their muscles it the innocent Kenyans who bear the most pain for it is these ordinary, innocent Kenyans who are bombed. This is not the first instance that such an attack has occurred and all Kenyans are afraid it might not be the last. The effort of the government to stiffen security measures at entrance to most public place seems not to have the exact desired result. Kenyanvoice take this opportunity to wish a quick recovery to the injured as we all look heavenward with hope for a better, peaceful and prosperous Kenya.


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