Maina kageni dating Anne kiguta?

Maina kageni and Anne kiguta are not finally what the urban youth would call an item. The two have never been spotted together over the past which goes to show the maturity and respectability of the Kenyan media since this juicy piece of news is not splashed all over the magazines. That is but one view of the issues, the other highly likely reason is that Maina kageni and this girl have bribed the media to keep off their scent. 
For those who are in the dark as to who is Anne kiguta; she is a very talented and beautiful media personality; she is a news anchor at K.T.N as well as a reporter. Among her hobbies is face painting; that is she paints children at functions not the other way around. Those who have had the fortune of watching her at the K.T.N news desk know what a beautiful and strong personality she is, she just ooze confidence, charisma and has that seducing element on her eyes, they are beautiful eyes too.
What about Maina kageni and her new found love? Well Maina kageni is the host of the morning show at classic F.M. which he co-host with the indefatigable mwalimu king’angi’ where they talk about the banality of the ordinary mwananchi and how he face it all. I could talk about what they talk about day long and the triviality of it all but that is not what this is about. This is about Maina kageni and her new-found nest of joy, the bulbously beautiful Anne kiguta whose face and demeanor encapsulate what is lovely, feminine and make you wanna reach for the stars which is not strange at all for K.T.N has always managed to hire very rich personality for their news desks, the name Catherine kasavuli spring to mind at once.
Now, to the important matter of this news, what are the ramifications of this new development? Obviously, his show will reduce in popularity which is the first and the major consequence of Maina kageni new status, it is to be observed that majority of the Maina kageni show’s fan are ladies (and boy are they dirty and naughty) and although most of these unattached or unsatisfied ladies may be hard pressed to admit it publicly, they all think that Maina kageni is their lost prince, they do not love Maina because of his looks (daaa, there is no handsome man in the world to all ladies, ladies are handsome blind, so to say) but rather for his money (and maybe a little bit of his boisterous laughter) and now that he is taken by a hot lady by all standards, the fantasy and fancy belief and wishes of these ladies have been washed off and they must move on. No one is saying that Maina kageni is not handsome (those are things I am completely unable to judge and if I could, I would hesitate to proclaim so in public since we are living in a sick society that is as judgmental as Jehovah and I might get branded a homosexual or gay guy (dirty pricks, yeah I said that and fuck you till you breed if you think uglily of me cuz of my views on the issue. Do you know, you who is giving me that dirty look, what will happen to the universe if David Cameron and the gay guys that he is defending have their way? The world and the humans as we know them will vanish from the face of the earth. The mere thought of gayness must be banished from the human consciousness by either orthodox or unorthodox means) but that Kenyan women and the world women are handsome blind and no matter how handsome you are, without money, you are filthy shit to these women .
And these bring us to the next point. A rumour has been floating around and about from the uneducated ignorant slobs that Maina kageni is gay. That Maina kageni is a homosexual. Proponents of this rumour use as the basis for the argument the question of how a rich man of Maina’s status and prestige and influence does not have a wife or is not in a relationship. Of cause since they are so stubborn, they will say , to save faces, that Maina kageni is indeed gay and that Anne kiguta is his hiding place. This is bullshit. Simply because you are not married, and are rich and qualified in all other aspects does not make you gay or even imply so, you may simply be looking for ‘Mr. right’ or in the case of Maina kageni “miss right’. Congratulations are in order for Maina kageni for not bowing down to public pressure to marry and being patient until she met Anne kiguta, a lady of exemplary qualities.
Now we all know for a fact that Maina kageni is not gay although any sensible person did need Maina kageni to start dating Anne kiguta to know that he is straight. No boisterously humorous and acceptable person as Maina kageni can be gay. Gay people are slow, communicate as if the moon is their home, they have these chubby look and you can not see their bones, they do not know what are cubes for they will never have some and they always have these sick look on their face that always betray their sexual affiliation. You look at a gay guy and you know it is a gay guy and another thing is that they all had the ambitions of being priests. I am not saying that all priests are gay or not. No. I am simply saying that all gay guys wished at one time to be catholic priest. it is well documented that Catholic priests enjoy raping young altar boys we must not forget and so we see through deductive reasoning why homosexual would want to be priests or why most priests are homosexual and that nuns are most likely to be lesbians. It is also possible that nuns are girls who lost their virginity or innocence to their crazy and demonic fathers and vowed never to be touched by a man, as it is also possible that priests are boys who were forced to have sex with their mothers and can’t stand the nudity of a woman. All these are possibilities. Mere possibilities. The truth is different and of a far-reaching height, maina kageni is not gay and anne kiguta and her child have a true gentleman as their friend and for that, their lives are richer and profound. good times to ye all.


About The Life Teacher

We all need a father to point out the way, a mother to hold on to and to explain this and that, a loving brother to hep us beat that bully at his game, a sister to share our fantasy with and to be warm with in those days and hours when we really need that. We need someone to assure us that life has a purpose and great meaning and that it is not all a meaningless swimming in an ocean of ugly creatures. we need a guiding hand, we need a spiritual guide and a guardian angel, we all need The Life Teacher.
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252 Responses to Maina kageni dating Anne kiguta?

  1. jymes says:

    Is it really going to work in this 21st century ? Ope for the best

  2. mukami says:

    I wish you all the best, it’s the high time to get yourself a wife

  3. lenny says:

    Congrats maina. we’ve been waiting 4 this 4 soo long

  4. kenyanvoice says:

    yeah lenny, and this will help kill of those nasty, stupid rumours that he is a homosexual.

  5. Jack Onyango says:

    Kiguta is a married woman. This fake story of yours umetoa wapi?

    • kenyanvoice says:

      jack onyango which anne kiguta are you talking about? the K.T.N new anchor? she is definitely single unless you are the village husband and she lives in town and lies to everyone that she is single, that’s is meant to be funny not offensive and so please take no offense.

  6. Jack Onyango says:

    Married with a nine-month old baby, according to True Love. Should I believe True Love or you who has definitely never met her?

    • kenyanvoice says:

      jack onyango, it does indeed say that she has a baby, it does not say she is married or are those with babies not allowed to date?

      • Jack Onyango says:

        Direct quote from the story: “I am married and have a daughter (six months in June).” Kwani, you can’t even read? Just admit your story is a bullshit rumour.

      • kenyanvoice says:

        yeah i read that jack,i can read because i can write, i think the two are synonimous; when was that story published? is she still married? how long do modern couple stay married given that love fades after six months and after that it is kuvumiliana? or is she cheating on her husband? do you know that most married young and rich people are not married by choice and would do anything to escape it? and, why are so concerned? i hope it is because you just love the truth

      • David says:

        The article on 7 women to watch clearly says Anne is married and a mother.

  7. Jo says:

    yeah…anne is very married and maina is veeeeeery gay!!!

  8. Jack Onyango says:


    • kenyanvoice says:

      i guess i will have to spam all your comments jack after this insult, troll by the way is a western world mythical creature so it does not affect me much, it is like calling me “you fucking jesus christ” no effect whatsoever. i thought you were an intellectual being but i see that emotions are your god and you are slave to them. it was nonetheless, interesting to have interracted with a specimen of your sort. good times and good day

  9. jane says:

    Fake fake fake!!!!

  10. Nduku says:

    Am happy 4 Maina he deserves the best all the best.

  11. Jeremy says:

    Dude, you should just crawl back to the hole you came from. You are soooo pathetic! I know Maina personally and his sexual preference, which doesn’t concern anybody anyway. And the way you bash at gays just shows your ignorance. They are human beings like you,some even better than you moron, some doing well in society. I bet you are even employed by one of them. Start writing serious pieces if you are to be taken seriously and not such crap. Adios..oops, before I sign off, you must be a looser, retard.

    • kenyanvoice says:

      wazap gay guy. i think you are gay right? anyways i have no problem with gay guys, i have problems, they are sick shit and if adolf was still here, they would be put away forever. they go against everything natural and good. i am sure i do not work for a homosexual guy because i do not work for anybody you see. jeremy, i am sorry for you, you don’t know what a heavenly exprience it is to have sex with a girl if you are a man. what are maina sexual preferences jeremy?

      • retard says:

        kenyanvoice just badilisha your name to RETARDVOICE… was the gay bashing really necessary? what was the title to your piece? whats with you and the catholic priest???? is it that they raped you as a child thus all this bile? let maina live his life, gay or straight its his bloody…. just bloody mature your writting if you ever want your blog popular you pathetic piece of poop!!!!

  12. wabamdo462 says:

    Sisemi kitu !! Let Them come out Straight 2 avoid any misinterpretation and further rumor spreading

  13. Jose Cuervo says:

    I think this is just for Blog ratings….i have the inside connect…..Good job though….excellent blogger

    • kenyanvoice says:

      kenyans, i think like everyone, just love gossip, this post has been a hit since i wrote it and thus attracted traffic to my other more serious staff. thank you for not insulting me like most others have done. what is the inside connect?

  14. gerd diet says:

    gerd diet here, I’m a newer blogger. I was curious as to how you manage all the comments your page gets. I’m having problems staying in front of them all. You can message me at Thanks and awesome site.

  15. stano says:

    no need for abuse and trash! none of u is swit butifo ann or my brother from another mother, maina. pls stlyle up. wether its truth or gossip, learn (very fast) to accommodate both.

  16. Pete says:

    Your blog should be called
    How did the issue of Maina dating(if its true or not) become about gay people? And your English is pathetic.
    And where did you come up with the gay stereotype you have? Gay people are just like any other guy out there, only their sexuality is different. (btw stastics show gay people take care of their bodies more than straight guys. And they are cuter. Just look at your face and any other gay guy’s)
    And homosexuality being legalised, who said the human civilisation will end. Legalisation of homesexuality will just allow gay people to live without fear and wont affect how the rest of humanity live at all.

    But again, its your blog, your thoughts, and i should respect them, no matter how stupid and naive they are.

  17. chichi says:

    go on Maina dnt listen 2 any1,those pple calling Maina a gay,u r jst jealous,ni nani alilala na yeye akanjua he is a gay,?? Ann go 4 him n dnt listen 2 empty heads who dnt mind their business bt others,

  18. Anonimas says:

    You the writer of this article are such a fool. You sound like a class 5 drop-out. Of course we know Anne and we know Maina. But your foolish head tells you the two need introduction.

    You are such a #FAIL! You give bloggers a bad name!

  19. George Hassan says:

    A whole load of crap…this nikkah is so gay and for Anne she is so MARRIED…Jack way to go

  20. Odhyambo says:

    ok, now now now. Were you breaking the good news of Maina and Ann’s relationship or yanking and scratching at yourself for coming to hear of gay people or coming here assuming Maina is gay then protecting him after sentencing them?

    Am not even sure if you are a dude or a girl but you are so confused. Take a second, recollect your thoughts, then write………..slowly

  21. zack says:

    I am not saying that all priests are gay or not. No. I am simply saying that all gay guys wished at one time to be catholic priest….. at this point i died! N ow taking ringside seats.

  22. anon says:

    The English here is pathetic. You say you can read because you can write, well, the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors- not to mention the content discourse- would proof otherwise. But it is Your blog….

    • xoxo says:

      Who said all this crap is about exellence in English,why cant people just mind their business. so what if Maina is or is not gay? so what if Ann is married with kids? how does that add value to your life?

  23. Sots says:

    Wat is this, a tabloid?

  24. Phthuh! says:

    Anne Kiguta is married to a South african pastor who de-hooked her from a villager called lemon in Kimasai

  25. Yelo says:

    Kenyan voice … u first need to to go back to school & redo your English writing classes … u have really murdered the language completely …

    Secondly, you seem to have your facts very mixed up on this story … going as far as outright lies … style up

    Thirdly, you have very bigotted views about gay people & particular religious figures (mostly not based on facts) … which is not only insensitive & unfair to those accused falsely, but also glaringly shows your ignorance concerning such matters, a combination that is very bad for your reputation as a writer who should be taken seriously.

  26. Sheila says:

    Hehe, please. Anne is married with a kid. Do your research well b4 u write gutter stories.

  27. Jacintah says:

    A nyc couple.dnt eva judge am a catholic en ur last bit bored me

  28. eliud says:

    wat goes around comes around….

  29. Hillary Orina says:

    This is shit…Jack big up for saying it as it is…

  30. Dude Get a Life ASSHOLE. This is bullshit Unless Your Name is maina and one of your Sabina Joy Hookers is Ann then go on and get married. You stupid moron you give bloggers a bad name Go and Burn in Helll Mothafuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    bTW go back to schooland get your grammar right…Fuck spam or wear a condom asshole

  31. samsing says:

    Utter bull shit, why deviate from Maina and Anne gossip to Catholic priests and gays? Enyewe hii free blogging had made idlers into ‘partial-in their- dreams’ celebrities. Check your facts before writing for this crap of a blog, nkt.

  32. kknitamu says:

    waste of time reading thiss

  33. ShockedByYourBlog says:

    1. Why are you so angry?
    2. Use spell-check. WordPress has the facility, it will make your blog easier to read.

  34. kenyanvoice says:

    kenyans are just wonderful, germans too, they came up with hitla. most kenyans apparently confuse passion with hate, kenyanvoice is indeed a kenyan and as a consequence, his english was acquired from textbook. i find some comments here being quite disrespectful. what is so bad in this story? what is so fake? maina said it himself in his morning show that he and anne kiguta are very good friends? do good friends date? they do but most kenya think dating means sex, this is not true, you can even go on a date with your mother or sister. As for gay guys, i will never apologise about their evil influence on earth. i know several people whe were turned gay in high school by rich gay guys who offered them gifts, straight people go to jail and leave being gay cuz of the rapes that happens there, read stephen king book shawshank redemption to get a better picture and do not tell me it is fiction, i know that. are gay people clean? of cause they are as are poisonous snakes that have such colourful patterns spangled about their bodies. do i give bloggers a bad name? which bloggers? people who can not stand a contrary view to what they believe are the one ranting in anger here. scientist used to be burned at stakes for their views,
    you know

  35. Loilong says:

    Kenyan voice or whatever u call urself, get a life. or fak the exhaust pipe of a truck. Fisi wewe kabwela

  36. samsing says:

    Well your textbook was badly written too. English 101; when starting a sentence use a capital letter. ( I ) should always be in CAPITAL unless you are a midget. A full stop marks the beginning or an end of a new thought/idea. Stupid bloody fucking douche bag, enda gumbaru

    • Bogus says:

      Samsing……Wow, you missed a full stop at the end of your sentence after “enda gumbaru”. Huoni kundule??? wewe ni nyani kabisa ama you are too busy checking the spelling mistakes?? you should feel such a polished writer, you only need to thank “thesaurus” that helps you edit and correct your pathetic grammar. Douche bag ndio wewe kabisa.

  37. Eve says:

    Seriously? Like on some many levels. Dude, you are a poster child for digression. Whatever opinion you may have of gay people, this is not the time to address that issue. The subject read Anne Kiguta and Maina Kageni dating. Stay with that and maybe when the next public debate about sexuality comes around or some ‘celeb’ is outed, you may comment. Clearly, you do not qualify for a shock jock and it might actually be better for you to keep your day job. Please, please, please re-read your blog before hitting publish: there are so many cringe-worthy moments, it’s a full workout before a reader finishes the blog. Then there is the analysis, for lack of a better word. Swaleh Mdoe did not lose his female fans because women discovered he was married, it made him even more popular! Reference the often repeated saying about women being their own worst enemies. Let’s not even get started on the Catholic Church and its sex scandals. The point you have attempted to raise here shows how little you actually use the internet especially for a blogger because you would know that not only have men (and women) of other denominations and faiths entrusted with the care of minors abused or are alleged to have abused that trust but also people – again, men and women – holding other jobs than priesthood. Hint: google “Jerry Sandusky”. I know a couple of the comments have said that it is your blog so it really doesn’t matter…but surely, you have got to represent. Properly.

    • Natalya says:

      Eve, so true, but please use simpler language for the sake of our poor, uneducated blogger here.

    • asterix says:

      I co-sign; on so many levels this is wrong. I guess this is purely for ratings. The arguments advanced by ‘Kenyan voice’ are superficial and unconvincing! + U can’t date ur mom- maybe take her for lunch u ignoramus dude!

      • kenyanvoice says:

        asteria, that is a nice name and by the way, people take their mom for lunch or dinner date all the time, that is civilized humans, not the backward sort who thinks that the only person you should take out on a date is the one you will make love to.

  38. dady seth says:

    mmmm…!good 4 them..but that is normal,whats the big deal..!

  39. loyd says:

    Boss, you lost me when you started to overjustify that you are not gay. Stick to the story. #Fail

  40. Cleman says:

    go and sue your english teacher, the bastard conned you.

  41. liz says:

    kenyan voice be careful… what you hate so (or claim to hate) will end up in your family that is how the universe operates. Yenyewe your post in one word – balderdash!.

  42. Amani says:

    Cant believe im still reading this. Im so sure that Maina and Ann are’nt dating and that He is not gay. So therefore, be 4 real.

  43. Naomi kwamboka says:

    Maina….. u deserve her!! al tha best….. en may u live happily eva after (if there wil b any ‘next level’haha) congrats

  44. Philip Mokora says:

    Atlast da gap is filled,

  45. Natalya says:

    First of all, your punctuation and grammar needs SERIOUS HELP. Secondly, your views on homosexuals are highly insulting and extremely narrow minded (please note, i am not a gay rights activist, in fact I couldn’t care less) lakini seriously, dude, do you live in a hole? Finally, stop perving on Anne Kiguta, and if you can’t, have some decency and do it in private.. 🙂

  46. Cereal killer says:

    Maina KaGayni is gay so he is doing it for public relations. Kerimo geke

  47. Mwangi says:

    This is biased. Where did the story of maina come to the point of abusing the Fathers and nuns. Thats blasphemy. I hope everyone else notices that.

  48. maggie says:

    this rumour that maina is gay is as old as kenyan politics……….tangu zamaaani…….lakini shoga yuajijua!! si lazima press na hiyo ni kwa raha zake….its non of anyones business. although dating a girl does not mean that a guy doesnt have gay tendencies…pengine yuala pande zote but as l said kwa raha zake…..and by the way there are gay guys who have washboard bodies…keep that in mind kenya voice….merry xmas

  49. P.R Expert says:

    well Kenyan blogger, or is it?
    sad to tell you… but thanks to blogs, can people like you ever have a chance to ‘write’, otherwise you can NEVER be a TRUE writer. If i din’t leave on this planet, i’d fall for your story, but the way you relate with your readers is a total blow off! Get your facts right, and i don’t mean the content, learn SOMETHING about being a writer, ok? thankyou!

    • Bee says:

      I don’t know which is sadder: his English, that he actually believes he’s a writer or that he’s desperately trying to sound like he knows what he’s doing.
      What a joke!

  50. Bernard says:

    Wao! Thats great but my question is: since one is an anchor n da other a broadcaster, mjunior will be a bro-anchor or anch-bro? Any kudos for wat God has put 2gether no man can separate. Kudos Maina n Kiguta

  51. Luxur Beatz says:

    Its nice of them,wishing them a happy life.

  52. justina says:

    i sincerly cant see the connection between the title and the whole time you have t be serious.

  53. ikke says:

    Gay people are chubby? Does that mean almost 3/4 of Americans are guy given their weight issues? Halo? Wake up and smell the coffee and stop the ignorance! Look at Anderson Cooper of CNN, Belgian prime minister-Elio de Rupo,George Michael,Neil Patrick Harris,Ricky Martin…the list goes on…I bet you gay hater cant afford the looks or the six packs these guys have! We are living in a modern world where tolerance is the only way forward.Let it be! We are no longer living in the year 1900!

    It doesn’t matter whether Maina is homo or hetero!

  54. Sam Mwenda says:

    What I know Anne is married, do you want to marry her a second time? Stop playing game

  55. Flabbergaster says:

    I’m now left with Janet Mbugua

  56. Dee says:

    1. Your grammar is pathetic. 2. You are such a looser.

  57. Pete says:

    You just a talentless writer, poor research and poor writing skills and the only way to get people to read your blog is to write stupid, false, shallow things. You claimed you wanted to get attention so people could read your more serious stuff. How do you expect serious people to take you seriously after this?
    Be smart, which seems unlike for someone like you.

  58. Shaddy says:

    You hav done the right decision to get married if really you are not gay as said. at your age you are already very late u shud be having 3 kids by now

  59. GPrime says:

    nw, these is way too much info tht I dint know :p I still can’t tell wht the story is all about, the author iz very “skippy” $ thts quite…….. $ interestingly funny 😀 ..ix it supp’sd 2b celebrity gossip o wht? *Fail! bt funny a blog ths 1 is

  60. pweks says:

    This blog is the online version of gutter press… full of sensational hogwash!

  61. Saliva Vic says:

    You my friend are what I call a douche! “Gay people are slow”? Really dude? Really? STFU & GTFOH!


  62. keigee says:

    Sisemi kitu!!!

  63. Bob says:

    Only time will tell. Let me hold my mouth first.

  64. A to-do-list for this so called blogger;
    -Get your facts straight and stick to your headline.
    -Quit being a gay stereotype and go get a life.
    -Stop the ignorance on what some denominations practice.
    -Just hire an english tutor that will walk your through writing.
    -Check the word Douche bag in you dictionary and just know it defines you

  65. babashiroh says:

    I wanted to be a catholic priest and am not gay you faggot!! That’s how gay people try to convince other people that they are also so that they don’t feel queer alone.

  66. Josey ngugi says:

    Royal wedding ni ya lini?

  67. kenyanvoice says:

    What can I do to pacify your angry emotive responses to an innocent story? I did not realize that so many people are gay and have gay relatives; it is indeed a sorry state of affair for the future of humanity is in a precarious state with so many gay for how will they procreate?

  68. Jackie says:

    You’re rude and obnoxious, name calling was not necessary, calling the gays all those names was uncalled for. And by the way i’m 100% straight and its people like you that drive me nuts! If you have nothing nice to say about ‘A group’, please keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

    • kenyanvoice says:

      hi jackie, you have very stong views, there is a nazi group, should i say something nice about them too? what about the ku klux clan? what about the tribal groups in kenya who kill other tribes?

      • Jackie says:

        Hello there…………All those things you’ve listed are hate crimes and being gay is not a crime , maybe you need to leave the country and find people who’ll hate you coz you’re black, then maybe you will understand my point! I don’t think the gays choose to be gay neither did we choose to be black. What if your child was gay? Would you be the 1st one to cast a stone at him? Empathize my friend, we have limited time on this earth to be so hateful!

      • kenyanvoice says:

        if someone hated me because i am black, the joke would be on him, i would feel pity on him. when i was in school, the other kids hated me cuz i was smarter than them and good in most thing than them. i know all about it. fyi, i do not hate the gay people at all and if my child was gay, the child would never know it because you see, i do not believe that gayness or homosexuality is a sickness, i think it is something learnt. good day.

  69. AyGee says:

    Shoot! Who wrote this stuff?? Damn shame you are referring to a man as ‘she’ and ‘her’. Ha! Do yourself a favour and get serious!

  70. briton says:

    the writer of this article is very fake in every statement he makes

  71. Paul mune. says:

    This can make good couple.maina make it real.

  72. SashM says:

    Finally…hoping this will be the nxt celebrity couple in. Kenya

  73. Bee says:

    I feel I have to comment on the terrible, terrible English used on this blog. Wtf, man?! Whatever happened to editing?
    Also could a person be more misinformed?! That ‘description’ of gay people is as ignorant and embarrassing as your English.
    I now hate the friend who sent me this link.

  74. Good info. Lucky me I reach on your website by accident, I bookmarked it.

  75. joe says:

    is dis 4 real?

  76. Donn Rivello says:

    Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  77. December says:

    Anne is married and has a daughter, wairimu. For maina, he is gay as they come! Get your story right

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  79. she..muuu says:

    Wee wacha kurega rega ovyo ovyo na kingerezaaaa ruudi shule usome ngumbaru aama utumie kiswahili kaama mimi. Maina Kageni dont mind abt other peoples opinion, just enjoy. Why are they judging you as though heaven belongs to them?

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  84. Edwin Muhande says:

    I see nothing wrong with this , should it be true/not true. If you have not sinned be the first one to throw a stone.

  85. Woah this blog is excellent i love studying your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You understand, lots of people are looking around for this info, you could aid them greatly.

  86. WritingWriter says:

    At the risk of flogging a dead, decaying horse, Anne and Maina are NOT dating. Far from it! I know Anne personally and this is pure hogwash! Kindly confirm your story before you publish it.

  87. Good day there admin, I absolutely desired to firmly leave a brief note to admit that I cherished your piece of writing. Thanks!

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